Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan

B.S. in Elementary Education, Integrated Science & Language Arts 

Antioch University of New England, Keene, New Hampshire 

M.Ed in Waldorf Education (In progress) 

Waldorf Administration & Leadership Development (Candidate) 

Authentic Relating Leadership & Facilitation Training 

Healers Academy Week 1 & 2 Graduate  



I believe every child has the right to a childhood overflowing with joy, curiosity, exploration, peace, and laughter. Too often adult issues/trauma sneaks into childhood- even when the adults in their lives have the BEST of intentions, let alone anything less than that.

I believe every single mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparent, teacher, and caregiver is a guide for the tiny humans that are in their life.

I believe every single adult is a fraction of the guides each child comes in contact with every day.

I believe if every single adult smiled, the world would be a better place.

I believe if every single adult treated others with kindness, compassion, and consideration- the world would be a softer place.

I believe if every single adult cared for themselves, LOVED themselves, then there would be no room for hatred and violence.

You see, I believe that for child homelessness and child hunger to be eliminated, every single adult must be fulfilled with passion, with drive, and bravely overflow that into their life- into our world.

I believe together we CAN change this world, because on our own each of us can move mountains.

I believe in Hope.

I believe in Joy.

I believe in Passion.

I believe in Integrity.

I believe in Love.

I believe if every single adult faced the trauma, hurt, and pain that happened in their childhood and healed it- we would have a beautiful tomorrow.

That is the tomorrow I want to share with our children.

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