School Wide Social/Emotional Wellness Accreditation

When everyone is on the same page, the impact is far more powerful.

Mini Me Yoga is a premier system that includes both grownups and children in shifting their mindset and emotions, in order to create a positive learning community.

This accreditation includes a series of trainings:

2 Hour Foundational Workshop 
75%+ of Staff are trained in this workshop
This includes a certificate of completed hours, handouts, a 14-card pack of yoga poses, and access to our e-learning program. 
This course teachers physical and emotional benefits for children: 
– Breathing and emotional management strategies
– Meditation and Mindfulness
– Water science and yoga 
This a great opportunity to build into the curriculum well-being and resilience exercises. 
Explorers Workshop
Minimum 2-3 Members of Staff trained
Again, includes a certificate of completed hours, a more challenging set of yoga cards, lesson plans, and access to the MMY Village. 
This course enables attendees to: 
– Mix and match lessons 
– Theme lessons around the curriculum 
– Hold breakfast or after school yoga club 
Extending the knowledge and skills from the Foundation workshop 
Meditation Workshop 
Minimum 2-3 Members of Staff trained
Included is a certificate of completed hours, a 44-page booklet of various meditation methods, guided meditations, and 14 mandalas. 
This course teaches the benefits of children’s mental and emotional benefits: 
– Providing fuel for emotional regulation 
– Academic performance 
– Enhance attention and concentration 
– Helps reduce stress and anxiety 
This is also fantastic for staff well-being as they benefit personally from the effects of teaching these skills to the students. Not only beneficial throughout the day but building skills for life. 

This also includes

– Coaching Sessions

– Upon successful implementation, bring in the media!!

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