Personal Growth Classes & Workshops

Max Meditation SystemTM

This five part meditation system was created specifically for the Western mind to easily drop in and have a rejuvenating experience by marrying Western psychology and Eastern philosophy.

Every meditation creates neural pathways defaulting towards a sense of calm and contentment.

Max Meditation caters to those who are new to meditation as well as seasoned meditation practitioners.

Max Meditation in Hillsboro, NH: 

Thursdays at 7:30pm at Roots of Wellness

39 School St.


All levels of experience are welcome!


Authentic Relating 


Do you ever feel like words are not sufficient in communicating? That there’s more beyond the words being used? What if you could safely explore communicating, genuinely?

I am trained as an Authentic Facilitator & Leader, which means I am trained in creating safe spaces for groups to come together and enjoy connecting to themselves and others- on a deeper level, in a different way then is conventional in day to day interactions. This practice is proven to have positive effects for creating compassionate, genuine, empathetic relationships.

Authentic Relating workshops are experiential and great for team building for school staff, community center staff, high school students, and corporations.


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